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02 May 2012 @ 08:48 pm
We are having Luke's birthday party early this year.
Like, really early.
Like, next month?

You see, his birthday is on the first day of school this year. That's right. I think his school does a graduated start for kindergarteners, so its not for certain, but there's a possibility that he could go to big-kid school for the first time the very DAY he turns five.
Sorry, I'm a little fixated on how big AND how little he is. AT THE SAME TIME.
So he won't have any new friends to invite and Ms. Social Awkwardness over here doesn't want to bring together kids that have barely met for a birthday, so we're inviting the PreK class. And to invite the WHOLE PreK class, we have to give out invites before the 31st of this month, since that's the last day of school. And so no one forgets, we have to have it soon after that. Which leads to him getting a party 2 full months before his birthday.
(There may be a weekend Disney trip in his future to make up for the gap. 'Cause attention spans are short and he may forget. He was grumpy at Santa for getting him a $50 TRU gift card this year when Santa also gave him a $300-all-told bed three days earlier.)

So I really need to start planning this Star Wars party. I think the first key is the date and invitations...
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