11 June 2014 @ 12:36 am
I'm devising plans to sneak a stuffed moose into the library and take pictures of him in the folklore section doing "research".

Somewhere along the way, my life went horribly wrong. Or horribly right. Little bit of both, I wager.

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23 February 2014 @ 10:54 pm
A proposal for a new Whose Line Is It Anyway Game: Things you can say to your computer/webpage that you can't say to a real person.

My response? *scroll scroll scroll* *whiney voice* "I'm not looking for a threesome, c'mon. Just gimme something fun.
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17 February 2014 @ 10:00 pm
Is it bad that I kinda want to see Captain America 2 just so I won't be lost in future MCU movies and mostly wanna see it to see if Natasha is REALLY wearing the arrow necklace that has been fan raved since there were little sneak peek set stills released?

My little fangirl heart clings to my 'ships. And REALLY wants to know what happened in Budapest. (fanfic thinks smut. One can hope. Because smut.)
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13 January 2014 @ 12:25 am
I was caught in a catch-22 that I didn't know was one: Wait until 1/19 to watch Sherlock with the rest of America or find what could possibly be less than legal means to watch when the UK got it?
I chose option two.
I did not foresee the issue that would arise that would be just as painful as option one. No one I usually fangirl with has seen it.

I'm having fangirl conniptions all over everywhere and can't do anything about them! I have a buncha 'likes' on Pintrest that I'm biding my time to actually pin.

Non-spoiler things that have to be said:

Molly is awesome.
Mrs. Hudson is awesome.
I thought of Benedict at attractive but not my type. Or pouncible. Until the first, say 10 minutes of the first episode of this season. I want to ruffle his curly curly hair.
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03 January 2014 @ 12:41 am
Best author note in awhile: "This started as a one-shot on but I got good reviews and kept going because smut."

That could be half of my reasonings for when I stay up too late on AO3. "I would have gone to bed on time but I had to finish the story I found. Because smut."

In a decidedly un-smutty turn of events, Newbie has put in his 2 weeks notice at work and I will no longer have a lunch buddy. And I never got a date out of it, contrary to super popular opinion that has had us going at it like bunnies for a few months now.

Case in point today? I was sitting in the kitchen having lunch when Boss came in. "Nerdette! Where's your boyfriend?"
*as much of a glare I can manage to care about*
"No, seriously, where is he?"
*sigh* He went over to [local mental health/substance abuse facility].
"Why the hell is he over there??"
Didn't ask. He was in a hurry and I'm not his keeper.
"You should be."
10 August 2013 @ 11:19 pm
I've started watching Supernatural because I TOTALLY needed a new fandom. :P
I blame Netflix.
And my enabling, "drink faster" friends.

I told Luke today that there is no way he is going to be watching it any time soon because it successfully freaked out someone we both know.
I neglected to mention it freaked me out as well.
Psh to the vampire stuff.
But, like, Bloody Mary? Haunted pictures?
No thanks.

Better safe than sorry, amIright?
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22 July 2013 @ 10:44 pm
You know your fan girl is showing when:
You are looking at a fandom Tumblr. That is reposting ComiCon panel stills and gifs. And you start fangirling over X-Files.
I'm going back to my fandom roots and rocking the Mulder/Scully feels.
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06 July 2013 @ 11:00 pm
I don't think you guys can understand my level of love for this. Fandom La Vie Boheme. WIth the actual dude who played Mark. THe captions call him the 12th Doctor.
^It made me speak Tumblr!! *dies*

Eh, just... ignore the part with the poor guy playing Loki trying to sing. It gets better.
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30 January 2013 @ 12:54 am
Fox did something right.
I watch Fox, like, all the time. Except during Idol season, where I watch an frightening number of DVDs instead, because Fox is the only channel I get.
But even if I got 80 million channels, I would still watch New GIrl because its awesome. And all frickin' week they've been hyping that the kiss we've all been waiting for (I've been waiting since episode 2) is going to happen! And you know how things that get hyped that much are...
It was freaking amazing and I literally stared at the TV with my mouth hanging open for 3 minutes AFTER credits were done. Because they made us THINK that it was going to be all the teasing and disappointment from earlier instead of the last 1 minute of the episode.
Well played, FOx, well played.

** This is another reason I need Twitter. Because I HAD to rant about it and OMG I'm sure no one on here cares. :D
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03 January 2013 @ 10:55 pm
One thing I did not foresee with regards to the new car (currently dubbed Dresden. My brain took an interesting course to come to that involving the White Council and being in the middle of Cold Day): The headache. I have to get insurance. For the first time in my life. I was on a family plan with my mom and dad up until... whenever I get a new plan 'cause all of the cars were in my mom's name. So now I'm doing research an' shit and getting quotes and prices and-- I know its my birthday, but I don't want to grow up! 28 isn't old enough! (yeah, I know it is)

Then there's the added bonus that I chose to renew my driver's license through the mail instead of in person (less paperwork) or online (needed a replacement as well as a renewal, which couldn't be done online). Well, the DMV cashed my check. I haven't gotten my new license. I went to check on it tonight and it offered to allow me to renew online because it expires today! o.0;; Soooo, I get to go argue with the DMV tomorrow about the fact that they took my money and I'm going to get in shit at work.
Thank goodness I don't have to worry about registration, the dealership did that for me and gave me my choice of plates (I chose the one with 13 in it because they had already given away the 3)

Have convinced myself to not weekend at Disney starting tomorrow. Which I will likely angst about all weekend and grumbled that I didn't go later. At least I know the cycle.

And btw? Harry Dresden needs a bigger fandom presence. STAT. Because I have a very hard time waiting between books and I just finished the most recent and won't get another until (prior experience says) next November.
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03 September 2012 @ 12:30 am
Why is a Lego Avengers video game (specifically for DS) not yet a thing?
*taps foot and watches clock*

I need to go to bed, but I feel that I had wanted to read some fanfic before doing so, and I can't for the life of me remember what fandom I was aiming for. I'm not even caught up with WIPs I've been reading, but this other fandom was crying to me and I got nuttin'.
A tired nerd is a bad nerd.
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15 August 2012 @ 09:28 pm
J. wanders up to his desk. Greetings are exchanged with aisle-mates. I grunt.

J: You ok?
Yeah, just tired. Stayed up too late.
J: *pauses and considers* This *points to work computer* or games?
Ah... Games. THen work when I should have gone to bed. I had zombies to kill and commencements to put in!
J: *banter about being able to read people and just needing long enough to get to know them*
*quip about me making it hard by being the quiet one*
J: *skoffs* Yeah, I haven't believed that since a few weeks after you got here.
*evil grin*
J: And THAT is what gave you away.

Later I had an earbud thrust at me to listen to a dubstep of the X-Files theme because "You're nerd-- the kind of person to get this. As soon as I figured out what it was, I had to share."

Four day weekend this weekend, of my own crafting. :D
There will be:
Friday: Luke goes to school for his last day of preschool party. I stay home and fix my bike. I pick Luke up and take him to orientation, then lunch and back to school (Hey, he wants to!) I go shopping so we don't have to this weekend.
Saturday: Trip to the springs, I do believe.
Sunday: New movie night. Pizza and popcorn. May have to put together new futon first. And we need to get a new movie to watch. Any suggestions? Luke is thinking MegaMind. If only Avengers were out...
Monday: Luke turns FIVE! Presents in the AM so he can have his new bike. Picnic and biking at the bike trail near-ish-kinda our house.
And Tuesday is the first day of kindergarten! And Wednesday we have off as well. :D
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01 August 2012 @ 11:35 pm
Lesson #I-Never-Kept-Count with regards to AO3

Do not troll through Harry Dresden archive without some form of say-no-to-non-canon-slash filter in place.
I should never have to witness that many Harry/Johnny Marcone tags.
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06 July 2012 @ 11:40 pm
I need a membership to AO3 just so I can quit having to click that I'm over 18 and YES, I want to read the mature content, thankyouverymuch.


Edit Disregard! queenmidalah has assisted me and I shall have unfettered access to my-- er... Fandom... Stuff.

BTW, should I be DragonMouse or JediMouse? I feel as if my true nerdy pursuits are all Dragon, and the Jedi is relegated for things I don't take seriously... Though my FB is /jedimouse ...
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17 June 2012 @ 11:16 pm
I'm sorry, I know WIllow and Tara had this great following and all an' I'mma let you finish, but Oz was the best guy ever.

That is all.

Yes, Spike is awesome and smexy and GUH. But I wouldn't date him. Fantasize, yes. OZ, I would date.
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03 June 2012 @ 01:17 am
- Brain has been doing better. No more prolonged dizzy spells, so that's an improvement.

- Lukers graduated VPK today. They wore caps and gowns and got tassles to keep with 2012 on them and his teacher got a little choked up and Luke got a picture with him future wife who he's going to marry when they go to college. And he wanted to wear his TIE. He was the only one wearing a tie, and the only one with a mohawk. *tear*

- Luke then immediately left with his Nina and Grandaddy for a week to kick off summer break in style. I be chillin'.

- As a direct result of the above, I saw Avengers today, which was AWESOME! I loved Hawkeye and Thor was so pretty and Iron Man is just plain- well, HIM... *sigh* Almost had a partner in movie-watching, but he's a butthead who torrents his movies. :P
Fave parts? Glad you asked.
Cut for Those SLow to See Like Me.Collapse )
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25 May 2012 @ 11:15 pm
I'm going to assume it bad that I've had two really weird dizzy spells today (one when driving!) that lasted longer than the 30 seconds that I've had happen before.
THey were really weird. Where I was perfectly fine, then I wasn't... But if I sat really still, I was fine. I didn't feel the effect until I moved any part of my body. Head made sense, that's where dizzy comes from after all. But moving either arm a few inches higher/lower/left/right? Should not make my head swim.
Luckily no nausea!
The last happened maybe fifteen minutes ago and my head still feels off. Like my scalp is heavy. Like if I tip my head to the side, my hair will slide off. Or the entire top of my head will unhinge and my brain will plop out.
And I just spent way too long tilting my head and analysing the sensation.

And of course I'm on-call tomorrow.

Oh, how I missed BtVS reruns. Oz should have stayed forever and ever because Seth Green is just so cute, and I reawakened my crush on Spike. Because SPike is... He was an awesome vampire before vampires were (completely) fairies awesome.
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13 May 2012 @ 01:06 am
Fanfiction has negative implications for my contentness in a monogomous relationship with myself. ("negative implications" = DM doing too many assesments at work.)
I'm pretty sure you could chart the effects.
I completely blame myself, since I almost exclusively read stuff such that people that the Powers That Be have not deemed fit are able to get together. At least not yet. Jess and Nick on New Girl is coming. I can taste it. Which doesn't sound creepy at all.

THrough my recent studying of fandom, I have decided there are two ways to get laid a boyfriend:
A) Go to Hogwarts. Wait around. Hex someone. Perhaps have a Wacky Adventure, not necessary.
B) Rent a room with three bachelors advertising on CraigsList. Afford said room in an awesome loft on the salary of a middle school teacher.

I need to keep studying these writtings. ;) Neither is seeming likely at this moment.
I could always succumb to the new trend of living wth someone with no romantical/sexual attachments and woking together to raise any children in the home. BTW, who thought of THAT?! SOmeone like me who would hope to wear down the other person and it doesn't happen, so they go to the reporters that its just like totally awesome!! THe internet, she's full o' articles.
Its late, and I can tell I'm rambling. I rambled on my Doodle Challenge o' the Day. True story. I'm on-call tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to me!
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02 May 2012 @ 08:48 pm
We are having Luke's birthday party early this year.
Like, really early.
Like, next month?

You see, his birthday is on the first day of school this year. That's right. I think his school does a graduated start for kindergarteners, so its not for certain, but there's a possibility that he could go to big-kid school for the first time the very DAY he turns five.
Sorry, I'm a little fixated on how big AND how little he is. AT THE SAME TIME.
So he won't have any new friends to invite and Ms. Social Awkwardness over here doesn't want to bring together kids that have barely met for a birthday, so we're inviting the PreK class. And to invite the WHOLE PreK class, we have to give out invites before the 31st of this month, since that's the last day of school. And so no one forgets, we have to have it soon after that. Which leads to him getting a party 2 full months before his birthday.
(There may be a weekend Disney trip in his future to make up for the gap. 'Cause attention spans are short and he may forget. He was grumpy at Santa for getting him a $50 TRU gift card this year when Santa also gave him a $300-all-told bed three days earlier.)

So I really need to start planning this Star Wars party. I think the first key is the date and invitations...
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26 March 2012 @ 01:26 am
Apparently discovering an not-previously-known allergy leads to nightmares.
Combined with a new fandom = weird.

I was totally in the Hunger Games. The part from Catching Fire? And I was going to die because everyone had those nuts to eat and I couldn't eat them because they were tree nuts so I was either going to starve to death or have an allergic reaction and die.

I did not sleep well last night.

In other news, my new shoes are awesome except they rub weird. Not on the back of my foot, NOOOO. The tongue rubs my ankle right above my sock. Which is stupid.
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20 March 2012 @ 10:40 pm
I have a coupon from CafePress for buy one get one mugs. Forget for a second that I don't drink coffee, and drink cocoa seldom enough that I should be able to wash my four mugs out (two Luke uses, two I use).

I need mug suggestions. I am torn between a Firefly one, a Harry Potter one (I have one, but its screwing up and I'm pissed), a Hunger Games one and-- well, I'm sure I can come up with at least 4 more fandoms I want a mug from...
Ooo, like Dark Tower!
Yeah, help me my nerdy people!
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03 January 2012 @ 11:06 pm
So there's a discussion afoot on lkh_lashouts regarding Harry Dresden and his awesome book series.
Oh boy, is there discussion. *arches eyebrow*

It has led me to an odd question.
Am I the only female, if not in the world, on the internets that cannot find sexism around any corner?
Alright, so Harry has a slight issue with being a bit too "chivalrous". I noticed that. He STATED that. Do I jump "sexism!"? No.
And do I get offended as others did? Hells no. I'm more amused than anything, at least in this example. Hell, at this point in the Dresden Files, if a long-legged woman wanders into Harry's office (and is not outed as a fae within a page or two) I'm already cringing and grinning at the same time, wondering how much trouble our stalwart hero will get his ass into this time trying to rescue the damsel. Because he WILL get his ass kicked for it. Painfully. Several times. And might end up in the hospital.

But why must people jump to the rediculous end of the equality spectrum? If you're reading a book BY a man, from a man's point of view... Do you really think you're not going to get a few doses of boobs-n-legs thoughts? Hell, I read way too much about the various packages of the various men in Anita's life before I ran screaming into the night but I didn't hear any of her male readers (I know, its a stretch, just hang in there!) up in arms about reverse-chauvanism.

Frickin' women, ruinin' everything... *grumbles*
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11 August 2011 @ 09:45 pm
I want to write a Kurtofsky simply so I can use something along the lines of being so far in the closet, he'd been to Narnia.
I amuse myself way more then I amuse other, methinks.

Snippet from work today (Xposted on my FB):
"With your short hair and gay-pride umbrella, you'd better watch out." -Joe
"I'll just run away yelling, 'I like me-e-en!'" *waving arms wildly* -me
"There are both..." -J
"Then I'll run away screaming 'I have my own booooobs!'" *waving arms wildly* -Me
"...That'll work. *waves arms* 'I've got it covered!'" -J

If I get the job I interviewed for today, I will miss those boys.

A week from tomorrow, I will be in DIsney with Luke! *jazz hands*
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08 August 2011 @ 09:01 pm
FOr years of reading fanfic, I avoided slash as soon as I figured out what it was. Which was pretty damned quickly, even for a naive 15 year old. It was just... I was not impressed. And yesterday I figured out why.

FOr awhile, I was weirded out that maybe I had something against gay people. It would be down deep, since one of my friends did have occasion to introduce himself to Luke (when he was roughly 2 months old) as "Uncle J----, the gay one.", but still...

But I just figured out that the thing that I intensely disliked about slash was the practice of taking canon-established hetrosexuals and turning them gayGAYgay. Jack/Daniel, anyone? Never mind that Daniel was once-upon-a-time married and nearly-canon banging Janet, and that Jack was ALSO once married and was canon-established totally in LURVE with Sam(ANTHA)... Slashers had them banging each others brains out like they'd never met a closet they would set foot in.

But I 'ship weird pairings occasionally, and my Glee obsession (yes, I'm a GleeK *hangs head*) is the epitome of that. I 'ship Mr. Shue/Sue Sylvester (I know. I KNOW!). I 'ship Rachel/Puck (PuckleBerry! Ha!). But I also 'ship (and have been comfortably reading for two days) Kurt/Kurofsky. Kurt is queer as a three dollar bill, and Dave Kurofsky is recently out of the closet... Er... To Kurt only, but it counts.
And therefore I will read their slash happily, because if Dave can get his head out of his ass, they'd be kinda adorable together.
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28 May 2011 @ 11:33 pm
I desire to write a fanfiction. But I have no idea what I WANT to write. I'm really feeling the 28 Days Later vibe right now, but no ideas. I am an idea-less hack.

Actually, I think to be a hack, I should be actually writing something and pretending its meaningful when really, I got nuttin'.

Coworker dubbed me a MILF.
Now if he would pass that memo on to the younger, less married segment of the male community, I'd be a happy(er) camper.

Note: Even though he's older and married, MILF =/= creepy. Because he said it in this "Well, I don't want to offend you by letting you think you're NOT one... Oh shit. I- But- I need to just stop talking now" manner. It was funny, not creepy.
Besides, sexual harrassment can be FUN! :D
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