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17 April 2012 @ 11:11 pm
And I'm not sure who did it...

Luke was sick all weekend, throwing random fevers and requesting to go to bed early, so he stayed home from school on Monday. We went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch because, miraculously, he managed to NOT be sick all day. *shrug* I was texting with Rey about Disney possibilities and Luke and I were talking about theme parks, and he brought up Harry POtter. He decided he would be too scared to go on the rides, even though I claimed no knowledge of the types of rides in the Wizarding World. So I told him simply, that's fine. When we go, we will likely be going with Molly and AJ, and if its too scary for him, its probably too scary for Drew, and someone can stay off the ride with him.

And he eyed me.

"We're going with Molly-n-AJ?" ((Sorry guys, your names are one))
Probably. Molly and I were talking about it.

He contemplated this new information for the duration of one waffle fry.
"I'll ride the rides with AJ."
Oh? I query, amused.
I can SEE his opinion solidify. "Yes. I'll ride with Molly-n-AJ and you can ride by yourself. No." His eyes brighten further, his grand plan taking shape. "I'll sit with AJ and CHAD. You can sit with Molly."
Boys in one and girls in the other?
"YES. Me with the big boys. You with Molly. 'Cause you're girls."
And what about Drew? He's a boy.
He looks confused for a second. "Drew can ride with you and Molly. 'Cause he's a baby. And Molly is his Mommy. He can ride with girls. I will ride with AJ and Chad."

If it wouldn't be weird, I'd think he was jealous of Drew and his "big boy" crew.
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