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29 January 2012 @ 10:58 pm
Luke and I slept in a very long time this morning. As in, for breakfast we had a granola bar so as not to ruin lunch. I don't know what was up with him (he DID try to join me in bed in the middle of the night, but got caught), but I stayed up way too late finishing Feed (awesomeawesomeawesome zombie story- 1st of a trilogy) and then had a hard time sleeping by dreaming about fucking up my job. Twice.

So we made a very quick trip to WalMart for some staples I had been being yelled at for not having -block cheese, mainly- and drop off the book I finished at the library. After that, I planned to go to a newer pet store that makes me think of the ones I used to go to ask a kid, but it is closed on Sundays. :( So we went one block down to Pet Supermarket because they also have open-top animal containers. lol I got bitten by a hamster (God-dramsnfjk little deceptive balls of fluff-n-fangs) and we checked out their very disappointing cage selection. Luke admired the variety of hamster cages and tried to convince me that we could fit rats into them. We admired reptiles. I asked if there was a way to keep cats away from a rat cage. I was shown a spray can, we compared cell-phone pictures of the rats in our lives (RIP Deuce), and she said the fateful words: "You know, we have some new rats in the back. They're snake food, but some are really cute!"
Luke started bouncing, begging to see them. *sigh* Twist my arm, huh? So we went back after warning him that we were JUST LOOKING. And apologizing to the employee that we ARE just looking, but can we please look?
And there was a cute little blondie taking a nap. I claimed it. It calmly climbed on me, bruxed at me (aka Happy Rat Noises) and settled into the crook of my elbow.
So I asked Luke if he wanted that one or another to be his. He said he wanted a black one and picked one that was buried under a pile o' ratties that ended up having a white belly and socks and being a little more, er, ACTIVE.
So, uh, we have rats?
Luke stole my name, calling his Stitch from the Disney movie. Mine is either Trey or Trace. Because we had Stewart Little, aka Stewie. Then Stewart Little II, aka Deuce. Now there is Stewart Little III, who needs a name that would be a "the third" nickname. Orrrr, I could let the name die and come up with my own name. Like Stitch. *grump*

So now I need to go get some rat blocks and a properly sized cage. Because they are small enough to live together in Spike Lector's old HabiTrail... For a week. And Deuce's old cage will be too small not long after. It was big enough for Deuce only because he was a single rat and had full run of a dorm room for hours at a time.
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lyndalynn: Primeval Rex = Cutelyndalynn on January 30th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
"little deceptive balls of fluff-n-fangs" indeed! My rats never bit me---but ohh when we had hamsters! yeouch!

I have a theory about feeder rats being just as good, if not better than pet rats....because their little lives were spared!LOL

Boys or girls? I prefer girls...because seriously? Rat dudes have big junk, and it weirds me out.

Pics soon?
Jenn: whatcha doin ratdragon_mouse on February 8th, 2012 02:02 am (UTC)
Holy Delayed Reply Batman!
I've never had a rat bite either, even when they were injured. Stewie even let me put a BandAid on his foot when he was bleeding and he LEFT IT there! (I think it might be bad that one reason I want to be a teacher is so we can have a class rat and show people how awesome they are)

These are hopefully both boys. That's my problem with feeders... THey are not sexed and not guaranteed. So I'm hoping Trey is not truly Tracy. :/