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20 January 2012 @ 09:54 pm
One reason I love the Dark Tower series so much is the unexpected levity. THe series is so dark and depressing at times (I cried harder at [I was going to say the end, but that wasn't right] several parts of the last book than I did when Dobby and Fred died in HP), but it would sneak in these little pieces that were so true to life they made you laugh. You'd think it would take you out of the moment, but it really just made the characters more human.

For example, the reason I'm posting this:
I'm reading the graphic novels right now and I'm on Battle of Jericho Hill, which from all I've heard hinted about during the novels, is NOT a good time in Roland's life. Roland, dihn of his tiny little ka-tet (group bound by fate. Ka-tet is shorter) is giving a rousing speech to the others in his group, mostly all around age, say, 15-16? Sheemie was never given an age, but he's drawn smaller than the gunslingers.
"Any who are too tired... too saddened... too soul-sick to join me... then I fully understand. Let this be where we part company, and wish each other luck. As for any others: Let any who are with me raise their hand. All of you? I dared not hope, but expected no less. Very well then. To the Dark Tower. AND LET NOTHING STOP US OR SLOW US IN OUR QUEST! WE LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!" -Roland
"Can I pee first?" -Sheemie
"... We leave after SHeemie pees." -Roland

I laughed very loudly and I think that's what the author wanted.
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